Kumara Mash


600g Chicken Thighs

3 Tbsp Tomato Sauce

2 Tbsp Sweet Chili

1 Tbsp Soy Sauce

1 tbsp Olive Oil

1 Tbsp Vinegar e.g. red wine, white wine

1 Tsp Cajun Spice Mix

800g orange kumara, peeled and chopped into even pieces


Cook time: 20 minutes


  1. Pat chicken dry with paper towels and place in a large bowl with all remaining zingy BBQ chicken ingredients. Mix to combine and set aside to marinate for 5–10 minutes.
  2. Heat a little oil in a large fry-pan on medium heat. Cook chicken, in 2 batches, for 4–5 minutes each side, until cooked through. Turn down heat if marinade is starting to burn. Alternatively, cook on BBQ grill or hot plate as per instructions above. Set aside on a plate, covered in foil, to rest for 2–3 minutes.
  3. To make the kumara mash, place the kumara in pot of cold salted water, bring to a simmer and cook until just tender. Drain, then place back over the heat for a few minutes to dry off the excess moisture. Mash, or puree in a food processor. Taste and season with salt and pepper and 25g of butter.
  4. Serve with a spoonful of kumara mash on the plate, roasted vegetables and top with bbq chicken. Enjoy!


To make Cajun spice mix, combine ½ teaspoon each of garlic powder, paprika, dried oregano and dried thyme with ¼ teaspoon each ground black pepper and onion powder and a pinch of cayenne pepper.