All our kumara are grown right here in Northland, so we can be sure that our produce is up to the standards we need to bring you some of the tastiest prepared frozen products. This means that when you choose our kumara, you’re getting safe, sustainable produce that looks good, tastes better and is sure to stand out on the plate. 

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When you’re running a hospitality business, it’s essential that you bring your customers top-quality produce. At Fieldco, we’ve been growing kumara for nearly half a century, so you might say we know a thing or two about what good kūmara looks and tastes like. Formerly known as Turiwiri Produce, Fieldco acquired the Frozen Division a little over 12 months ago. This helped us create a true paddock to plate experience for you, while providing a convenience with pre-prepared kumara and pumpkin products. 

Our kumara have been carefully raised by expert growers, who have paid detailed attention to growing conditions and climate changes. That’s what allows us to bring you the tastiest produce, conveniently chopped, portioned, and prepared, ready for you to use.

As a local, family-owned company, we care about the land we live on. That’s why we make sure that all our kumara’s sustainably grown, and take measures to protect our environment for future generations.

Frozen Range

At Fieldco, we’re proud to offer a range of frozen kumara products including chips, diced kumara, and much more. They come pre-portioned, store well, and are easy to cook. That’s what makes them a true grower-to-plate experience.

Sweet Potato Slido’s

Blanched sweet potato slices ready to cook

Orange Sweet Potato Fries

These 10mm sweet potato fries are a perfect side, crispy with a clear coat coating and quick to fry.

Pumpkin Dice

Diced pumpkin perfect for soups, mash or even in a risotto.

Pumpkin Portions

Save yourself time with our pre-portioned frozen pumpkin

Kumara Yummo’s

Bite-sized kumara that makes a great kumara salad or roasted as a side.

Diced Red Kumara

Our most versatile frozen kumara product that is available in 10mm or 15mm

Diced Orange Kumara

Our most versatile frozen kumara product available in 10mm or 15mm

Red Kumara Chips

These 13mm kumara chips are a great chunky fry, perfect for a side.

Gourmet Orange Portions

Orange kumara is softer flesh, making a quick and easy addition to any roast meal.

Snack range

Our kumara-based snacks are delicious and nutritious. They’re entirely made from sustainable, top-quality, 100% NZ grown kumara. They’re all made from kumara that is fully traceable from paddock to plate.