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Kumara are a fantastic, versatile choice for most culinary needs. They’re highly nutritious, gluten-free, and a traditional Kiwi option. At Fieldco, we offer 4 different varieties of kumara, along with a range of seasonal products, from melons to potatoes. 

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A couple of years in the making, Fieldco’s new retail name, Kin & Crop, is all about sharing the story of Family + Food.

1. A group of persons descended from a common ancestor
2. Of the same kind or nature

Fieldco is passionate about producing nutritious crops to feed our family, friends and consumers. We are striving to share more of this story and inspire and educate consumers to try kumara and other crops in ways they never expected with our new retail brand. Interested in seeing our fresh produce prepacks of this range? Enquire now to find availability for your supermarket store!

See more on our website: kinandcrop.co.nz

Fresh Products

Yellow Watermelon

available for Chinese New Year

Seedless Watermelon

available from Jan - Mar

Red Peelers

Our thin-skinned red variety with a softer texture that makes for a quick and easy roasted option.

Table Potatoes



available from December - February


available from December - February

Purple Dawn Kumara

A purple flesh variety, packed full of nutrients and antioxidants.

Snack Range

Our kumara-based snacks are delicious and nutritious. They’re entirely made from sustainable, top-quality, 100% NZ grown kumara. They’re all made from kumara we’ve grown that are fully traceable from paddock to plate.