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The Fieldco team are committed to providing our customers with only the finest fresh produce – both with our seasonal crops and kumara, all year round. All our produce is grown in the beautiful Kaipara – New Zealand’s ‘Kumara Capital’. Up here, the soil and climate are perfectly suited to growing quality kumara.

As NZ Gap accredited growers and Packhouse, we are dedicated to implementing best practices, from production, to packaging, to distribution. We also ensure that all our staff have quality, documented training. This means that we minimise health and safety risks – so that you, our customer, can buy with confidence.


Fresh Products

Yellow Watermelon

available for Chinese New Year

Seedless Watermelon

available from Jan - Mar

Red Peelers

Our thin-skinned red variety with a softer texture that makes for a quick and easy roasted option.

Table Potatoes



available from December - February


available from December - February

Purple Dawn Kumara

A purple flesh variety, packed full of nutrients and antioxidants.

Snack range

Our snack range is simply Real Food. Real Simple. A great crunch, with a light seasoning, making the kumara flavour sing.

Frozen Range

At Fieldco, we offer a range of frozen kumara products including chips, diced kumara, and much more. They come pre-portioned, store well, and are easy to cook. 

These are available through distributors such as Bidfood, Service Foods and Gilmours. Contact us direct to find out where your nearest stockist is.

Sweet Potato Slido’s

Blanched sweet potato slices ready to cook

Orange Sweet Potato Fries

These 10mm sweet potato fries are a perfect side, crispy with a clear coat coating and quick to fry.

Pumpkin Dice

Diced pumpkin perfect for soups, mash or even in a risotto.

Pumpkin Portions

Save yourself time with our pre-portioned frozen pumpkin

Kumara Yummo’s

Bite-sized kumara that makes a great kumara salad or roasted as a side.

Diced Red Kumara

Our most versatile frozen kumara product that is available in 10mm or 15mm

Diced Orange Kumara

Our most versatile frozen kumara product available in 10mm or 15mm

Red Kumara Chips

These 13mm kumara chips are a great chunky fry, perfect for a side.

Gourmet Orange Portions

Orange kumara is softer flesh, making a quick and easy addition to any roast meal.