Locally Grown

Location matters. That’s why all our kumara is grown right here in the beautiful Kaipara. The sunny, tropical Northland climate and its rich soil are what kumara love. With all our produce entirely New Zealand grown, you can trace each of our kumara back to the paddock it was grown in.

Our kumara might be local, but our team’s diverse. We’ve got staff from all over the world, but one thing they all have in common is that they know agriculture. At Fieldco, fresh produce is our speciality.

Handpicked and selected for you

All kumara is handpicked due to the delicate nature of the kumara skin that scrapes easily in harvest. We have a saying that we treat our kumara like eggs. That means we handle them with the utmost care and attention. We’re dedicated to ensuring that our customers get the finest products from quality soil.

Grown for flavour

Our process starts before the growing even begins. We carefully select our seed tubers during the late winter months to ensure we’re getting the best crop.

That means disease-free, top taste, and a high yield. 

Reducing food waste

We know that it is what’s on the inside that counts. That’s why we’re happy to rescue ‘misfit’ produce. Products that don’t meet supermarket specs in appearance are often just as good as their prettier cousins.

Whether they’re out of shape, the wrong size, or have a little beauty spot – as long as the same great flavour’s inside, that’s all that matters.

Driven by consumer & market demands

We’re aware that the business world is always changing.

That’s why we plan our crops each year according to market demand and feedback from our customers.

As forward thinkers, we try to look ahead. We believe that we’ve always got room to grow. By visiting international tradeshows we’re able to get a clearer idea as to where industry trends are headed and learn from the latest market ideas.

Evolving growing journey

We’ve been growing kumara since 1976. So you could say that we know our kumara!

With 4 generations of the family being in the business, we’re able to use tried and tested, time-proven growing methods passed down from generation to generation.

But that doesn’t mean we’re staying still. We keep learning and evolving, conducting new growing ‘experiments’ to refine our methods and to adapt to new technologies. When our business grows better, so does our kumara.

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