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Sweet Potato Slido’s

Sweet Potato Slido’s

Blanched sweet potato slices ready
to cook. Simply Fry, Grill or Roast your
slice until nice and crispy and you’re
ready to load with your choice
of mouth watering toppings!

Meal suggestions:
• Load with your favourite toppings. Try bacon and  eggs, roasted tomatoes or go sweet with peanut butter, berries and a drizzle of honey.
• Use as sweet potato ‘Sliders’ – replace the bun with battered sweet potato slices.
• A perfect addition to a classic roast.
• Great as mini pizzas.

Store frozen at or below -18°C.  Cook from frozen. If accidentally thawed do not refreeze; chill  and use within 48 hours and adjust cook time.

Sweet Potato Slido’s
10mm thick, blanched sweet potato slices
Pack size: 2kg bag
Units per Carton: 5 x 2kg p/carton
Barcode Number: 09421905763370

Download Product Information:

Sweet Potato Slidos Product Spec Sheet


As local supply was short in 2023 with weather events that affected the industry’s’ crops, we sourced a temporary solution of a Sweet Potato variety from Vietnam that we have quality tested and controlled to comply with our usual product standards to ensure the quality is up to the highest standard.

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