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Sweet Potato Slido’s

Blanched sweet potato slices ready to cook

Orange Sweet Potato Fries

These 10mm sweet potato fries are a perfect side, crispy with a clear coat coating and quick to fry.

Pumpkin Dice

Diced pumpkin perfect for soups, mash or even in a risotto.

Pumpkin Portions

Save yourself time with our pre-portioned frozen pumpkin

Kumara Yummo’s

Bite-sized kumara that makes a great kumara salad or roasted as a side.

Diced Red Kumara

Our most versatile frozen kumara product that is available in 10mm or 15mm

Diced Orange Kumara

Our most versatile frozen kumara product available in 10mm or 15mm

Red Kumara Chips

These 13mm kumara chips are a great chunky fry, perfect for a side.

Gourmet Orange Portions

Orange kumara is softer flesh, making a quick and easy addition to any roast meal.

Gourmet Red Portions

Perfect for roasting, these are precooked to save you time in the kitchen.


All Natural

All Natural: No additives or nasties in these products.

All Natural

100% NZ grown and made: all our products are grown and processed here in Dargaville, New Zealand.

All Natural

NZ’s Iconic Vegetable: Did you know kumara has been eaten in NZ since the 1800’s?

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