This month we’re replacing our redbands with our runners! Put a spring in your step this month by joining our Steptember challenge!

The goal is 8,000 steps each day for the 30 days of September. Whether the reason for joining is for health, losing weight or to join in the fun…our team are stepping it out!

We are adding a bit of healthy competition to this challenge with each of our teams combining their steps. Vote for the team of your choice that are taking part in this challenge:

Production | Planting Powerhouse

Packhouse | The Race Pack

Process | Logan St Legends

Office | Armchair Army

Far North | The Thompson Troopers

Want to join us in this challenge? Ways to get your steps up:

Get out in the sun and take a walk in your smoko break, park your car a little further away in the parking lot, walk to the shops or supermarket, take a hike on the weekend – the options are endless!