New Melon Technology

We know summer has truly arrived when our melon fields are humming with activity!

Watermelons grown in the North of New Zealand – the right location for the tropical weather they love!

We have had a few wet spells during the last few weeks which has delayed the ripening of our melons but also given them time to fill out to their full size.

This year, we have our new melon technology up and running to help bring you the best in the field (scuse our pun).

Fieldco has invested in a new melon grading equipment which incorporates world leading optical sorting, which means we can now bring a much more consistent quality and size of melon to the market. This also helps us in the ability to deliver specific size requirements and specs from our customers.

Size graded, checked for defects and nicely polished, we are here to help your instore melon display look the best it possibly can this summer!

Our goal is to be the best, to bring you the best and we plan on delivering on that.  

Interested in getting consistent, quality melon supply for your store?

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