As a grower, how does Fieldco reduce food waste?

Food waste is an interesting topic. The very words themselves suggest the food is…well, waste. Rubbish, product that is unusable and inedible. As an actual fact, often this can simply refer to product that isn’t utilised like it could be. Kumara crops are a labourous crop to harvest, in comparison to other crops – all hand-selected and hand sorted because of its tender skin that is easily damaged. 

Our very small kumara and larger product that has skin-damage often is hard to shift and as a grower, we often see a lot of this product left to rot or thrown out. Smaller produce is often left on the ground at harvest, as it doesn’t return enough for the grower. 

So, enter our frozen division. We have a full range of prepared kumara products that utilise the odd-shaped and otherwise-wasted produce. This saves chefs and kitchen hands time in the kitchen, with all prepping the product already done. A great way to get a healthy dose of New Zealand’s superfood!

Being growers at heart, we are passionate about bringing New Zealanders the very best tasting, most nutritious kumara products in as many ways as we can.