Maple Kumara Bites


Fieldco Kumara (red or gold) chopped into pieces
(approx. 1.5 - 2cm)
Lightly Salted water for boiling
Maple syrup
Chopped bacon
Butter for the frying pan


Put chopped kumara into lightly salted water. Bring to boil. Boil until cooked, but still slightly firm to touch when poked with a sharp knife. Drain.

Put pieces of kumara in one layer in the pan, add a good amount of maple syrup and butter. Allow to fry. Continue the process until all kumara is fried.

Remove all kumara and add more butter & maple syrup to the pan - this is the "dressing".

Add the bacon to the dressing and fry until crispy. Drizzle fried bacon and dressing over the kumara.

Can be served immediately or placed in the fridge once cooled. Cover with tin foil and heat.

Serves 12

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